28. Toro Y Moi – Anything In Return

There’s nothing wrong with this thing. Well produced, well written songs, hooky melodies. Bueno. But there were a few albums like that this year that didn’t make my list. The reason…THE REAL REASON this album is here and those others aren’t is because FINALLY Toro Y Moi got over the chillwave bone and moved in

29. Speedy Ortiz – Major Arcana

Sometimes burrowing a hole in the 90s indie rock scene is fun. Ben Gibbard is there handing out pot brownies, the guys from Apples In Stereo are chillin on a nasty couch jamming to Pavement, and Bjork is shining the outside of her spaceship. It’s refweshing hearing a little bit of that “I don’t care

30. Vampire Weekend- Modern Vampires of the City

It’s not their best. At all. It’s BORING. It’s nothing new. It’s not very ENTERTAINING. IT’S MEH. It is so meh. I seriously don’t know why I even put this album down on the list. Sure it’s on the bottom…but come on bro…there are definitely some albums that deserve this spot that aren’t even ON

Yeah I Know…Songs Right…

It’s all bullshit you can’t label any music. You can’t organize, categorize, or list anything. There is no true list. You can’t even say the Beatles are better than One Direction, or that Lady Gaga is better than Michel Jackson ever was. It’s all wrong and it’s all right. I don’t care. I do what

The Pixies: Greatest Two Man Horse Costume Ever

The Pixies is dead. The band has been torn in two. Black and Kim. This isn’t the groundbreaking, awe-striking, fresh, steaming news though. I am THOROUGHLY shocked…deeply amazed…at how BLATANTLY OBVIOUS it is…who played what role when writing The Pixies music now that the band has been peeled open like a sandwich. Black was melody,

Son Lux

I just heard the new Son Lux single LOST IT TO TRYING. New LP on the way. Lanterns. Out end of August. The new single is unimportant…what IS important is that I finally matched a track to this band. Once upon a time, I heard a song. Cool song. Didn’t know what it was called

Same Old Bobby…

So I’ve been listening to King Krule’s new album 6 Feet Beneath The Moon for…a little while now, and I’ve been telling myself that I need to say something about it…but then…I noticed that I could stream the new Arctic Monkeys album…and decided to give it a listen. AM is the Arctic Monkey’s answer to


Here’s the new EMINEM track Berserk. I expected more. It’s not bad, there just isn’t much rapping going on. Really…at all…bummer. Sounds a little Beastie Boys. When Slim does rap though it’s great.


“Yeah this is brotime. I totally understand…Yeah?…She did not…oh my GOD she did?…I had no idea…more than once?…WHAT!…yeah I know I should…it can’t be that easy…alright word…yeah one sec…oh they’re pretty good, new album came out recently…yeah I know I dig em…if you liked that though, these guys are pretty cool too…they’re called Deerhoof…RIGHT!…no this

A Comment on the VMAs

I know the spotlight is on Hannah Montana. Rubbing your flabby glutes all over Robin is one way to get attention, but Lady Gaga needs to be recognized for putting on an awesome performance and the VMAs the other night. Gaga performed Applause with I think…5 costume changes on stage? And unlike Cyrus, Gaga is